Tuesday, July 27, 2004

movie mania 5

i'm back with more on my fave topic-movies!!!...so let's get started on some new movies i've seen...
gayab- aaaaaaargggggghhhhh!!!!...pathetic acting by tusshar kapoor...around whom the movie revolves...the movie could have been something but thnx to the beautiful display of acting by tusshar and antra it is NOTHING...it would have been much better had they decided to go literally on the title and obliterated the protagonist entirely...even the story takes a stupid turn as tusshar becomes a very filmi lover instead of something fresh...total crap...
raghu romeo- now this is what you call a movie...wonderful acting by everybody(except maybe maria goretti, who had nothing to do as it is)...vijay raaz is brilliant as usual with great performances by sadia and saurabh shukla...the director has really done something which you don't expect out of bollywood...great movie...
spiderman 2- the long awaited sequel to the superhero flick is out...and it does more than justice to the original...the movie is great because it shows the superhero in a very human manner...even the villain turns out to be more grey than black(same with the hero...)...if you liked spiderman you'lll definitely enjoy this...
fahrenheit 9/11- this is one helluva hard hitting documentary which is pretty indictive of bush and co...but somehow it becomes more of propoganda than a real work of art...even then it is beautifully made and it puts forth really grave questions about the person who holds the most important post in the world today...
more movies later...

Sunday, July 18, 2004


i really did go overboard with all those stupid quizzes didn't i??? well it was sort of fun to answer the questions as truthfully as i could and then see the widely varying results about me...this proves that either i am a very complex sort of personality with so many layers hidden and revealed that i don't even know myself well enough or these quizzes are just a whola lotta bullshit...by the way the results which due to my going overboard didn't make it to the blog are as follows...
my inner child is 16 yrs old...
my rock music genre is hard rock (metallica rulz!!!)...
my dominant emotion is happy...
my soul trait is DARK(muhahahaha)...
i am closest to the greek god Eros(the god of love for the uninitiated)...
the mythological creature i resemble is the Faerie(cho chweet!!!)...
the chinese mythological creature i resemble is the Turtle(very wise and intellectual)...
and i am chandler bing!!!
confusing isn't it...now you know why my blog contains the ruminations of a TWISTED MIND!!!
p.s.if you are interested check out quizilla.com

more crap!!!

one more to my credit!!! hahahaha
Youre the wolf of fire! You are the one who is most
likely to be a leader. The wolf of fire has a
deep passion for almost anything and is very
noble. They are athletic and rough but are
still tender on the inside. These are probably
not the most rare type but they are still very
special. A fire wolf is such a cool being the
way they eat and hunt together. If you are the
fire wolf then you are very social and proud
although you are not always loyal. But, still
being the fire wolf is a good thing because
they are strong and do most things

What Elemental Wolf Are You? (with pics/read memo)
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whoa!!! now i'm really confused!!!
Hummingbird Spirit Calls To You!
represents optimism and sweetness.
Being able to roll with the punches is an attribute
of Hummingbird.

Hummingbirds's Wisdom Includes:

Ability to heal by using light as a laser from

Endurance over long journeys

Ability to fly into small places to heal




Messenger, stopper of time.

If you enjoyed
this quiz, please rate and I may do another!

Animal Spirit Guides ~ Which One Calls To You?
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Saturday, July 17, 2004


i'm really something ain't i???
You are Wolverine of the X-men!
A true loner.. but what's wrong with that? you know
yourself more than anyone else.. but sometimes
even that isn't enough. you are a burning ball
of love and no one wants you to change that,
you sexy animal you!

Which of the X-men do you resemble most?

Eat this!!!

Muhahahahahaha!!!!i didn't know i was like this...
Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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euro04 - with xtra greece!!!

whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many of u were expecting THIS???? Greece walks away with top honours in the Euro cup 2004!!!my thinking mind refused to believe it but somehow i had a premonition that greece was gonna do the unthinkable...i never stated my views on this in public for fear of being ridiculed by every football fan i knew...maybe i've become psychic with something wierd like esp or something...i'll have to make some more predictions and see if they turn out to be true...then i'll have another point to add to my cv ;-)...i take the risk of offending someone's sense of intellect by stating that greece won because their team worked like a well-greeced machine(hehehehe)...next time i'll make sure that i make my premonitions public so that someone may gain by putting some money on the right team!!!...just one more thing about greece-hats off coz the winner takes it all!!!
p.s. it was really funny to hear the hindi commentary (it is funny when somebody on television pronounces the 'ch' in charisteas like the one in 'child'...apart from a lot of other gaffes of course)

back in black

long time no write...actually i got caught up in a few things and then left for home to spend some quality time with my family and old friends in a decent city before i came back to the desert of the real world...i had a minor accident but survived with nothing more than a few scratches (which made a lot of ppl quite sad!!!) though i did have to smile like a sneer for a few days coz i had hurt my upper lip...i think the crooked smile has gotten to me...i smile crooked most of the times now which makes ppl think i'm being sarcastic...and the scar under my eye doesn't make things any better...looking really evil now(hahahaha!!!) with a shaven head, goatee and the aforementioned, newly acquired traits!!!