Friday, March 25, 2005

gone to hell

why r classes so boring tht i dont attend n thn get into trouble of all sorts...i know its my mistake n i should have attended classes but tht cant be helped now, can it?...the profs have to go ahead n be all pricky abt it even though i can give an exam as well as the next guy without doing any classes at all...basically they dont recognize the idiosyncracies of genius when they see them...but cant blame them either, genius has always been doomed to ignominy and failure among its contemporaries...the recognition comes when it is too late to recognize let it be with caesar...the day will come when these very professors of mine will be forced to accept my superiority over any other students of theirs...maybe not in the field i have chosen(ill-chosen would be more like it) but i am sure i'll be successful...thnx for going through these megalomanic rantings of this spent force...and remember, like the phoenix, i'll rise one day from the ashes of academic failure!!!