Sunday, January 29, 2006

two fests, angst and a poem...

well due to an unfortunate incident my band couldn't go to iim-c to 'catcher in the rye' might not be publicly performed for a long time to come...i did participate in the dramatics events there and won the first place in the impromptu event...but disappointingly we didn't get anything in the street play competition because the judge thought that we were too rigid and conventional in form to attract an audience in the only misgiving was that the play that won was in english which is not a known language to a great number of people in the streets of india...well no use bitching now...had a great time in carpe diem though...and that is always the bottom line...enjoy...

spring fest was a big disappointment but i had the benefit of staying almost perpetually high which sort of made up for it...skinny alley was great...hullad muradabadi was better...i had a good time but this was the worst sf i've seen in my four years here...either it sucked or i've lost the excitement for it...

am currently disgusted with the kind of appreciation that mediocrity recieves all around me...shahrukh is the biggest star of india, ekta kapoor is a bigtime successful producer, emraan hashmi is the cat's pajamas currently, himesh reshammiya is giving hit after hit, more people liked euphoria and shankar mahadevan than skinny alley, people actually applauded a poem called 'bomb se uda do yaaron pakistan ko', the techno mix crappy versions of jal's aadat are more popular than the original, paheli was india's official entry for the oscars instead of hazaaron khwahishein aisi, someone actually told me that i sing very well...the list goes on and on...i'm sick of it...i'm totally sick of it...

but life still goes on...was recently inspired to write what follows...had been swirling in my head for a long time so i decided to finally give it form...

Brahmanandaam, Paramsukhdaam

dancing in ecstasy to the rhythm of life
in that frozen moment of exuberance
just you and me and the night sky
melting and flowing and becoming one
our bodies entwine, the dance continues
the dance of celebration, the dance of life
locked in embrace for all eternity
no time, no space, no thought in mind
no sound save the rhythm of silence
just you and me and the night sky
our bodies fuse in the dance of passion
you become me, i become you
just you and me and the night sky
just the rhythm and the dance
gar firdaus bar rue zamiast
hamiasto hamiasto hamiast...

Friday, January 13, 2006

carpe diem baby...

thnx for all the appreciation for my last let the secret out, that poem is now lyrics to a song composed by my band...i'll be crooning 'catcher in the rye' in iim-c's cult fest carpe diem '06 along with some covers tonight...and hoping against hope that we'll make it through the prelims, again on saturday night...also doing a street play in the same fest on sunday...explains why i've been so busy ever since returning to kgp...gonna have a lotta fun over the weekend...more on carpe diem '06 later...

"here i am on the road again
there i am upon the stage
here i go being the star again
there i go, turn the page..."

carpe diem baby...