Saturday, August 05, 2006

the song of the nightingale...

its been a long time since my last post...but sometimes it takes a break to get the right perspective...this poem expresses my deep intolerance for organised religion in all its forms even though i've used only christian theology and mythology as its symbols...oh it's great to be back!!!

can you hear the nightingales sing

in voices full of sorrow
can you hear that song of woe
that tells of how you killed tomorrow

the angels weep as they fall from grace
and the father laughs aloud
while the son mocks them as they burn
ha! you had to be proud!

the serpent is cursed for he gave you the truth
and tried to set you free
while jokers and magic men you enthrone
'cause they lie to your face with glee

too many lies
too many cries...of pain
too little love
too little truth...remain
shackles, fetters, chains and locks
everywhere around
the only true joy of liberty
is nowhere to be found

if just once you'll heed the song
instead of the promised lies
come fly with me and the magic dragon
to a world untouched by eyes

kill the monster you created
if he isn't already dead
for though you live on in blind faith
it's all just in your head

no more kings!
no more priests!
no more lies!
no more cries!
no more tears!
no more fears!
no more hatred!
no more war!

and Freedom!

can you hear the nightingales sing
in verses sharp as arrows
can you hear this song of hope
that tells of how we'll save tomorrow...